10 Tried & True Mental Strategies for Long Distance Racing

Let me preface this by admitting that I am generally terrible at everything. Thank the heavens for long distance running. It’s the only way I could ever call myself an athlete. My husband and I once saw a shirt that read, “All grit no talent,” and we both looked at me in lock step. IContinue reading “10 Tried & True Mental Strategies for Long Distance Racing”

Another “No Excuses” Mom

To check out the full article on Women’s Health Magazine, just click the photo. I don’t know if your Facebook feed has been swallowed up with this new “no excuses” mom photo, but mine certainly has. Those are nice abs Abby. And I get where you’re coming from Maria. You’re trying to encourage more moms to take controlContinue reading “Another “No Excuses” Mom”

Need inspiration, watch this video – and never hit the snooze again

Nike outdid themselves with this one. It’s old but it’s awesome and I felt it needed a reposting before people attack their 2015 goals.

On coming second at the World’s Toughest Mudder

WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS The course was beautiful. It was staged in a hilly patch of desert bordering a high-end golf resort. On one side you have this pristine green turf with palm trees and man-made waterfalls. On the other, just a whole lot of sand. Gorgeous in it’s own right but barren and without comforts. People on oneContinue reading “On coming second at the World’s Toughest Mudder”

That crazy cliff Jump at World’s Toughest Mudder

It appears that this year at WTM, the biggest obstacle of fear and concern may be a 38′ cliff jump. This isn’t a tube that plays on fear of confinement or a slide that plays on fear of loss of control. The fear cliff jumping generates is rational. There is indeed real danger in throwingContinue reading “That crazy cliff Jump at World’s Toughest Mudder”

Be Ready for a Beast, Tough Mudder or UltraBeast

You know there’s a big endurance event in town when you overhear super fit looking people discussing menu choices based on which have more white bread and less protein. I’m sure the locals wonder if a 1980s diet convention rolled in. Apart from carb loading (which you can find an entire article on below), thereContinue reading “Be Ready for a Beast, Tough Mudder or UltraBeast”

Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves

In my last race, the Seattle Warrior Dash, I was so calm it was freaky… but this race just freaked me out. Climbing into the same starting pen as Amelia Boone and Rose Wetzel-Sinnett is scary. Although I’m not sure why. Both are lovely people. The men’s elite heat took longer than they imagined andContinue reading “Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves”

Washington Warrior Dash race report

For some reason I wasn’t my usual pre-race nerve wreck of a self at the start line. My mood was more, “tea and snuggles” than it normally is – even before an easy run. Only the reality of the situation was that I was an overly-caffeinated and overly-competitive runner standing at the start line ofContinue reading “Washington Warrior Dash race report”

My Edmonton Spartan Sprint race recap

I managed to hobble through a 5k trail race on Tuesday after almost two long injured months off of running, so I was hopeful that I would be able to run between obstacles today. I finished the Spartan Sprint in North Vancouver a couple weeks ago but it was a long way to hobble andContinue reading “My Edmonton Spartan Sprint race recap”

Tough Mudder Whistler event recap

I was fortunate enough to run with the “I want my Mudder” team in this years event. I had originally planned to do the first heat solo and fast and the next with the group, but my ankle injury was not part of that plan. I have to say, running relaxed with the team wasContinue reading “Tough Mudder Whistler event recap”