Warrior Dash World Championship

Not my best race… but far from the worst. It was very much a runners course and I began to realize the caliber of runners that showed up long before the gun went off while they were warming up. After watching a bunch of sleek muscular girls sprinting back and forth between zero-gravity, zero-bounce drillsContinue reading “Warrior Dash World Championship”

Warrior Dash World Championship preview

That was a first. A course walk through at a major OCR event. If anyone was going to do it, I’m not surprised Warrior Dash did. They’re like a hip version of your crazy uncle Larry. Complete with wrecking of beer and being all about cheesy hats. Warrior Dash really seems to go it’s ownContinue reading “Warrior Dash World Championship preview”

Washington Warrior Dash race report

For some reason I wasn’t my usual pre-race nerve wreck of a self at the start line. My mood was more, “tea and snuggles” than it normally is – even before an easy run. Only the reality of the situation was that I was an overly-caffeinated and overly-competitive runner standing at the start line ofContinue reading “Washington Warrior Dash race report”

Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?

Years ago runners were considered masocistic lunatics who put themselves through senseless torture for reasons the mainstream simply could not understand. Sound familiar? I think obstacle course racing now occupies that realm… ad well, let’s just call it misunderstood. In the 70s, all runners were hardcore. They ran through otherwise quiet, normal neighbourhoods in very shortContinue reading “Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?”

Race report from the Vancouver Spartan Sprint, 2013

This race was a last minute decision for me. When the race had to be moved to June 1st, I was heart broken. Same day as the Whistler Half. What to do. I’ve hardly trained this year outside of running in races. My foot has been engaged in a nonstop cramp all the way upContinue reading “Race report from the Vancouver Spartan Sprint, 2013”