The Dallas Beast Team Race: don’t mess with Texas

I ran the first year of the Whistler Tough Mudder… the one where we ran in knee deep snow and had to swim through slush. I ran the Spartan World Championship… the race that notoriously takes athletes to their knees with cramps. And I never really got cold. I’m from Northern Alberta for goodness sake.Continue reading “The Dallas Beast Team Race: don’t mess with Texas”

Spartan World Championship Race Report

The first and most nerve wracking obstacle was the crazy car cue up the hill to the race. I finally made it out of the car with 15 minutes to spare… which gave me just enough time to get my package and hoof it up the hill to the start line. I could hear themContinue reading “Spartan World Championship Race Report”

Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves

In my last race, the Seattle Warrior Dash, I was so calm it was freaky… but this race just freaked me out. Climbing into the same starting pen as Amelia Boone and Rose Wetzel-Sinnett is scary. Although I’m not sure why. Both are lovely people. The men’s elite heat took longer than they imagined andContinue reading “Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves”