Girl Power

OK so this is going to be a bit cheese balls. But I just have to say it: lately I’ve felt like there has been a shift in female sport towards more fierce fitness. And I mean fierce and fast at any speed. A couple weeks ago at run club, I ran 400s with the fastContinue reading “Girl Power”

That Which her Body and Mind is Capable

We were huddling on the still warm pavement, shivering and sopping wet, at the end of the Red Deer Hurricane Heat. We were cold, tired and hungry. Three people pulled out the 500 word essay on “why we race” as we were asked to bring. The first two essays were amazing. The third warmed meContinue reading “That Which her Body and Mind is Capable”

5 Tips for Hiking with a Baby

People, both on and off the trail, are always floored that I take both my girls (1 and 4 years) on the Grouse Grind. It’s a 2.9k hike up some rugged stairs below a tramway. You gain more than 3,000 feet. But doing this hike regularly has prepared me to take the girls on all sortsContinue reading “5 Tips for Hiking with a Baby”

Another “No Excuses” Mom

To check out the full article on Women’s Health Magazine, just click the photo. I don’t know if your Facebook feed has been swallowed up with this new “no excuses” mom photo, but mine certainly has. Those are nice abs Abby. And I get where you’re coming from Maria. You’re trying to encourage more moms to take controlContinue reading “Another “No Excuses” Mom”

Working breasts prohibited

I am by no means a breast feeding activist – but I do breast feed my baby and leave my house. As such, that unfortunately makes me a bit of an activist. So naturally when I read the Huffington Post article on the mother who was originally refused breast feeding her infant on a longContinue reading “Working breasts prohibited”

My C-Section recovery, week 6… last post!

I just passed the six-week mark and I had my postpartum OB-GYN visit – so this will officially be my last blog of this series. So, thankfully none of my organs fell out. That would have been a very failed experiment. Getting back into activity soon after my c-section definitely worked in my case –Continue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 6… last post!”

My C-Section recovery, week 5

Day 1: Went to my first session of Parkour today. Wow, it’s much harder than I thought it would be. Or, perhaps more to the point, I am more of a sissy in real life than I am in my head. One of my first exercises was to leap across a wide gap and grabContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 5”

My C-Section recovery week 4

Day 1: Day off. Just cleaned house and laid low. Day 2: I ran stairs over my husband’s lunch. Although it wasn’t much of a run nearing the top. Interested to see how I fare in the upcoming stair climb race since these HURT. But I got 100 flights in over his lunch break despiteContinue reading “My C-Section recovery week 4”

My C-Section recovery, week 3

Week 3 and I’m feeling better and better. It’s hard to believe I was an absolute train wreck only a few weeks ago! Day 1: I don’t manage to get out until the end of the day so when my husband gets home I have him watch the girls while I do a quick pre-dinnerContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 3”

My C-Section recovery, week 2

Research shows that almost six times the women get post partum depression following a c-section over a vaginal or forceps birth. One theory is that the hormones responsible for preventing post partum depression are suppressed in the surgical process. To me, it seems crazy to think that someone who comes out with a healthy babyContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 2”