It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.

It’s ok to for things to not be ok. It’s also ok to not be ok that things are not ok. Performance wise, I had a terrible race weekend. I did get to run with some of the best in the sport, and spend time with some of my favourite people, doing what I loveContinue reading “It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.”

Help! How do I Fuel and Hydrate my Workouts?

You may have noticed that you probably need something a little more than just a swig of water to make it through the longer workouts. Although there is no real hard and fast rules about fuelling and hydration, there are some good general rules of thumb I’ll share with you here. If the workout lasts less than 60 minutes,Continue reading “Help! How do I Fuel and Hydrate my Workouts?”

Girl Power

OK so this is going to be a bit cheese balls. But I just have to say it: lately I’ve felt like there has been a shift in female sport towards more fierce fitness. And I mean fierce and fast at any speed. A couple weeks ago at run club, I ran 400s with the fastContinue reading “Girl Power”


OK, so being a part of a major ad campaign for a major fitness apparel company is pretty darn cool in and of itself. The fact that this brand represents my sport makes it doubly cool. But the message behind the campaign itself is truly the coolest part. The Express your Strong campaign is basedContinue reading “#ExpressYourStrong”

Embracing the Off Season

All of the natural world is formed upon cycles. It’s easy to lose track of that, to quell the cycles that were once such prominent drivers in every aspect of our existence, with our technologically flattened routines. Artificial light, sendentary lifestyles, food-like products, uppers, downers, central heat, air conditioning… I used to work with horses.Continue reading “Embracing the Off Season”

BYO Gym on Vacation

Christmas this year was spent in a small resort on a Philippine island with extended my family. When I called beforehand they informed me that they had a short running track (500m) but no gym. So I packed my own. Here’s what I came up with… I brought an empty sandbag, a TRX and aContinue reading “BYO Gym on Vacation”

That Which her Body and Mind is Capable

We were huddling on the still warm pavement, shivering and sopping wet, at the end of the Red Deer Hurricane Heat. We were cold, tired and hungry. Three people pulled out the 500 word essay on “why we race” as we were asked to bring. The first two essays were amazing. The third warmed meContinue reading “That Which her Body and Mind is Capable”

How to Run Better without Running

As a running and strength and conditioning coach, I often run into problems with poor lateral alignment and the profound effect that has on power, efficiency and injury. I wanted to do a quick post elaborating on this rampant runner problem. And I would know, because every photo of me post accident looks like I’m melting under myContinue reading “How to Run Better without Running”

5 Tips for Hiking with a Baby

People, both on and off the trail, are always floored that I take both my girls (1 and 4 years) on the Grouse Grind. It’s a 2.9k hike up some rugged stairs below a tramway. You gain more than 3,000 feet. But doing this hike regularly has prepared me to take the girls on all sortsContinue reading “5 Tips for Hiking with a Baby”

We ALL Have Obstacles

Yesterday afternoon we had our first official obstacle course training camp. John and I have been coaching OCR since 2012 – but in a weekly class format – so we were excited to be able to offer it in a more condensed way. AND in one of the best Crossfit boxes in Canada, Crossfit New West. WeContinue reading “We ALL Have Obstacles”