It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.

It’s ok to for things to not be ok. It’s also ok to not be ok that things are not ok. Performance wise, I had a terrible race weekend. I did get to run with some of the best in the sport, and spend time with some of my favourite people, doing what I loveContinue reading “It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.”

The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint

Who knew that packing for one weekend could be so involved? Three events, two kiddos, one kid’s race and a special Hurricane Heat pack list will certainly do that. The Hurricane Heat For those of you who don’t know, the addition of the Hurricane Heat started in 2011 when Hurricane Irene threatened the cancellation ofContinue reading “The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint”

Toronto Spartan Sprint and Super

   After a sleepless red eye and several attempts at nighttime sleeping with a baby who is cutting molars (and who is not very good at sleeping in the best of occasions)… we knew this weekend was going to be one of those “pull-up-your-boots” and STFU kinda scenarios. The Toronto Spartan courses are on aContinue reading “Toronto Spartan Sprint and Super”

The Vancouver Spartan Sprint 

  There are many good things about a hometown race.   First off, you know the terrain… so you can fly on in. Second, people know you and cheer using your name. Some people: some people yell “Go Ellie” but whatever… good enough. Third, you just might have a babysitter and be able to race yourContinue reading “The Vancouver Spartan Sprint “

Not Doing Burpees is Awesome

After racing pretty hard yesterday, I wasn’t sure how things would go today. I got ahead of Claude, Spartan World Champion x2 and Olympic biathlete, on the first climb by running as much as I could – and by narrowly escaping a heart attack. Good start. She took back the lead heading down the otherContinue reading “Not Doing Burpees is Awesome”

My Edmonton Spartan Sprint race recap

I managed to hobble through a 5k trail race on Tuesday after almost two long injured months off of running, so I was hopeful that I would be able to run between obstacles today. I finished the Spartan Sprint in North Vancouver a couple weeks ago but it was a long way to hobble andContinue reading “My Edmonton Spartan Sprint race recap”

Winning isn’t everything, even in Sparta

  Joe Desena designed and built the Spartan Race as a mirror for challenges in life. Something like, we’ve gotten so used to being comfortable that any type of discomfort seems magnified. His thinking is that with enough exposure to discomfort, little things will be put back into their rightful place and become, well… little.Continue reading “Winning isn’t everything, even in Sparta”

Race report from the Vancouver Spartan Sprint, 2013

This race was a last minute decision for me. When the race had to be moved to June 1st, I was heart broken. Same day as the Whistler Half. What to do. I’ve hardly trained this year outside of running in races. My foot has been engaged in a nonstop cramp all the way upContinue reading “Race report from the Vancouver Spartan Sprint, 2013”