The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint

Who knew that packing for one weekend could be so involved? Three events, two kiddos, one kid’s race and a special Hurricane Heat pack list will certainly do that. The Hurricane Heat For those of you who don’t know, the addition of the Hurricane Heat started in 2011 when Hurricane Irene threatened the cancellation ofContinue reading “The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint”

BattleFrog New England

    It’s been a while since I’ve been afraid to not finish a race. But when you’re racing as an elite at BattleFrog, it’s entirely plausible. And it’s kind of exciting. At the start, they give you an elite band, which is taken away should you fail to complete any obstacle. And the obstaclesContinue reading “BattleFrog New England”

3 Tips for Pre-Race OCR Handcare

As an ultramarathoner, I am totally bound by my PreRace foot care routine. Having suffered from blisters, lost toe nails and dealt with hot spots… I have certainly learned the hardway when it comes to the meticulous pre-race preparation of my feet. As an obstacle course racer, my hands don’t look much different from myContinue reading “3 Tips for Pre-Race OCR Handcare”

Need inspiration, watch this video – and never hit the snooze again

Nike outdid themselves with this one. It’s old but it’s awesome and I felt it needed a reposting before people attack their 2015 goals.

On coming second at the World’s Toughest Mudder

WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS The course was beautiful. It was staged in a hilly patch of desert bordering a high-end golf resort. On one side you have this pristine green turf with palm trees and man-made waterfalls. On the other, just a whole lot of sand. Gorgeous in it’s own right but barren and without comforts. People on oneContinue reading “On coming second at the World’s Toughest Mudder”

That crazy cliff Jump at World’s Toughest Mudder

It appears that this year at WTM, the biggest obstacle of fear and concern may be a 38′ cliff jump. This isn’t a tube that plays on fear of confinement or a slide that plays on fear of loss of control. The fear cliff jumping generates is rational. There is indeed real danger in throwingContinue reading “That crazy cliff Jump at World’s Toughest Mudder”

Sacramento Super, Triple Crown Race

The Sacramento Super is the first Spartan age group championship and part of what they call “The Triple Crown”. The crown is made up of the Spartan World Championship Beast in Vernont, the Super in either South Carolina or in Sacramento, and the team championship in Texas. One of the things I love about racingContinue reading “Sacramento Super, Triple Crown Race”

Warrior Dash World Championship preview

That was a first. A course walk through at a major OCR event. If anyone was going to do it, I’m not surprised Warrior Dash did. They’re like a hip version of your crazy uncle Larry. Complete with wrecking of beer and being all about cheesy hats. Warrior Dash really seems to go it’s ownContinue reading “Warrior Dash World Championship preview”

How to carry a sandbag

You might think this post is akin to a “Learn to Walk” program. As in: obvious. Step 1: Pick it up Step 2: Carry it As those of us who raced in the 2014 Vermont Spartan World Championship Beast realized, there’s a little more to it. If you are in the OCR community, you probablyContinue reading “How to carry a sandbag”

Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves

In my last race, the Seattle Warrior Dash, I was so calm it was freaky… but this race just freaked me out. Climbing into the same starting pen as Amelia Boone and Rose Wetzel-Sinnett is scary. Although I’m not sure why. Both are lovely people. The men’s elite heat took longer than they imagined andContinue reading “Pacific NW Spartan Race report – running with wolves”