Crewing for your Spouse

I recently called him my “secret weapon.” Not everyone has access to one. I get it. I’m super lucky. My husband was nearly born for the thankless and exhausting task of being pit crew. With a background in racing, a diploma in Massage Therapy, a tendency to extreme preparedness and an uncanny ability to controlContinue reading “Crewing for your Spouse”

Seattle Spartan – Back in Brown

Why on earth am I here? I had honestly forgotten the answer. It was cold, it was rainy, and I was about to run through slick mud… traversing slippery obstacles and going under a “dunk wall” in what was definitely going to be very cold water. This being my first race of the year, IContinue reading “Seattle Spartan – Back in Brown”

World Championship UltraBeast

I wrestled hard with the altitude at last years Spartan World Championship Beast and got knocked down for the count. This year, I decided to skip Saturdays Beast and focus my energy on my favourite race distance, the UltraBeast. My flight didn’t even land until after the race. Best not to keep cookies in theContinue reading “World Championship UltraBeast”

It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.

It’s ok to for things to not be ok. It’s also ok to not be ok that things are not ok. Performance wise, I had a terrible race weekend. I did get to run with some of the best in the sport, and spend time with some of my favourite people, doing what I loveContinue reading “It’s Ok That it’s Not Ok.”

Woman 2 Warrior

The subject line in my email box read, “Oh my gosh, look how much fun we had.” And attached was this video:    The line pretty much summed up the Woman 2 Warrior for me and the other two ladies in our little team. The first, a runner and tennis player, is far more accustomedContinue reading “Woman 2 Warrior”

Spartan Super in Seattle

I wasn’t sure if it was fear, excitement, or both all-rolled-into-one when I woke up Saturday morning. Let’s call it the fearcitement of my first day back on a Spartan course in what felt like an eternity. To make things more interesting, I slept funny and tweaked my neck… which had me in hotdog modeContinue reading “Spartan Super in Seattle”

My First OCR DNF at WTM

My first OCR DNF happened, last night, at my favourite event, the World’s Toughest Mudder. But it was far from a surprise. I barely made it carrying my 1-year-old from the car park to the library last week and just did my first nearly pain free shallow pool run three days ago. We considered cancellingContinue reading “My First OCR DNF at WTM”

The Spartan World Championship

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. That right there pretty much sums up everything that went through my head during the Spartan World Championship Beast. Somehow our whole house has been down with some flu/cold/plague for weeks. I was glad when it hit last week since I thought it would be long gone. It got better and thenContinue reading “The Spartan World Championship”

Sun Peaks UltraBeast 2015

   Nothing like being on the tail end of a flu and the starting line of an UltraBeast.  With the Spartan World Championship coming up in Tahoe next weekend and after having taken a few sick days with zero training, I thought getting back to normal with a long run in the mountains would doContinue reading “Sun Peaks UltraBeast 2015”

The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint

Who knew that packing for one weekend could be so involved? Three events, two kiddos, one kid’s race and a special Hurricane Heat pack list will certainly do that. The Hurricane Heat For those of you who don’t know, the addition of the Hurricane Heat started in 2011 when Hurricane Irene threatened the cancellation ofContinue reading “The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint”