Crewing for your Spouse

I recently called him my “secret weapon.” Not everyone has access to one. I get it. I’m super lucky. My husband was nearly born for the thankless and exhausting task of being pit crew. With a background in racing, a diploma in Massage Therapy, a tendency to extreme preparedness and an uncanny ability to controlContinue reading “Crewing for your Spouse”

Race Day Advice for your First Spartan

So it’s your first Spartan Race and you’re not sure what to expect? Read on for two top ten lists that will help you get to the start line easy. Pack a Bag A well packed bag is worth it’s weight when you’re dealing with the elements. Here’s a few of the items that haveContinue reading “Race Day Advice for your First Spartan”

How to Recover Fast Between Races

On the last two Spartan Race weekends I managed back-to-back wins (Ottawa Super and UltraBeast and Red Deer Super and Sprint). And I have been getting a lot of questions as to how I recover. Here’s my Top Five List: Training – I train hard and long days back to back so my body isContinue reading “How to Recover Fast Between Races”

How to Run Better without Running

As a running and strength and conditioning coach, I often run into problems with poor lateral alignment and the profound effect that has on power, efficiency and injury. I wanted to do a quick post elaborating on this rampant runner problem. And I would know, because every photo of me post accident looks like I’m melting under myContinue reading “How to Run Better without Running”

3 Tips for Pre-Race OCR Handcare

As an ultramarathoner, I am totally bound by my PreRace foot care routine. Having suffered from blisters, lost toe nails and dealt with hot spots… I have certainly learned the hardway when it comes to the meticulous pre-race preparation of my feet. As an obstacle course racer, my hands don’t look much different from myContinue reading “3 Tips for Pre-Race OCR Handcare”

The Montreal Super – Montreal is super!

My experience this past weekend reminds me of a Brazilian proverb… “If we dream alone, it’s only a dream. If we dream together, it’s the beginning of reality.” Even the owners of the bed and breakfast felt like long time family. Our already late flight was delayed a couple hours in Toronto. We ended upContinue reading “The Montreal Super – Montreal is super!”

10 Tried & True Mental Strategies for Long Distance Racing

Let me preface this by admitting that I am generally terrible at everything. Thank the heavens for long distance running. It’s the only way I could ever call myself an athlete. My husband and I once saw a shirt that read, “All grit no talent,” and we both looked at me in lock step. IContinue reading “10 Tried & True Mental Strategies for Long Distance Racing”

We ALL Have Obstacles

Yesterday afternoon we had our first official obstacle course training camp. John and I have been coaching OCR since 2012 – but in a weekly class format – so we were excited to be able to offer it in a more condensed way. AND in one of the best Crossfit boxes in Canada, Crossfit New West. WeContinue reading “We ALL Have Obstacles”

Easy Tips to go from Running on Road to Trail

If you’re like me, you started running on good-old flat, predictable roads. Sometimes there are cracks, other times grassy traverses… maybe even puddles – or the worst, black ice. But there are no rocks. There are no boulders. And there are few surprises. In fact, the hardest part about going from road to trail forContinue reading “Easy Tips to go from Running on Road to Trail”