The Last 10k

The Last 10k

This is about how I’m feeling these days. I can’t even sneak out of bed without waking my daughter lately. There is just no sneak left in me.

I am 36 weeks pregnant: and as a marathon runner, there is something oddly familiar about the feelings that I am going through.

Oh my god. It’s the last 10k of a marathon.

The last one that I ran was Boston. Just like every marathon I have ever ran, for 32.2k, I loved it. But something switches instantly when I pass the 10k to go sign. Something terrible.

I have found some similarities in the last month of pregnancy and the last 10k of a marathon… which I will share with you.

At first I love all the people cheering, saying nice things, high fiving me, yelling “Go Canada!” – they’re so enthusiastic. But at the end, as much as I love them, I resent them and everyone they know. And pretty much everyone who is not running a marathon.

Muscles that I never knew I had ache. I’m a big fan of anatomy but there are certainly less painful and crippling ways to learn it.

I can’t eat anymore. I’m done. Not another gel, not another chew. Nothing. It just takes too much energy.

I’m so profoundly tired and heavy feeling that I can’t hardly lift my feet. Why does anyone run? Ever? I want to eat some chocolate and watch Dumb and Dumber.

But it’s also when the finish line draws near. It’s where you know you will get to the end and things will likely be successful. And it’s a pretty darn exciting time too… if you had muster up the energy to realize it.

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Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

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