Running Pregnant

Running Pregnant

I have been asked so many times how I run pregnant that I felt the need to respond in blog form.

Well it’s awesome and it really sucks. Just when I think I’ve got it figured out,it becomes evident that I don’t. Sorry lady. No.

Even still, at 35 weeks, I am ever stuffing my strategy tool box with ways to get my power waddle on.

Here are the problems that you might encounter ladies… and what (usually) works for me.

1. Hills. Or shall I say UPhills. I don’t usually run them. Especially not with the stroller. I like to walk quickly and fire my glutes up a bunch to get some good butt burn. If I do run, I go super slow and focus on breathing normally. But if the breathing normally thing doesn’t happen, I just hike it.

2. Bouncy castle bladder syndrome. You know, as soon as you start jogging the baby falls asleep right on top of your bladder and bounces away in udder bliss while you survey the road for gas stations and coffee shops. I just pretend it’s all part of the fun. Even if it’s my third stop on a 5k. It can be helpful though not to totally empty your bladder though on the way out the door… and breaking the seal is sometimes just not worth it. Also regular walk breaks seem to help tons.

3. Cramps. For me this usually means my lower abdomen is all of a sudden two sizes too small. Short walk breaks (even 10 steps) often calm them. Obviously though, cramps are not something to run through so I have walked home on more than a few occasions when they got stubborn. Dehydration can factor in so don’t skimp on the water breaks for fear of pit stops.

4. Going shorter and slower than your Grandma. I’m there. It sucks. But don’t ever thing it’s just your new weight vest. There is so much more going on. If you can comfortably press on, your baby and your post-partum body will be glad you did. And you will kick ass once again (at least this is what I tell myself while walking uphill, scouring the road for a bathroom, and fighting a cramp.)

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Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

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