The Last 10k

This is about how I’m feeling these days. I can’t even sneak out of bed without waking my daughter lately. There is just no sneak left in me. I am 36 weeks pregnant: and as a marathon runner, there is something oddly familiar about the feelings that I am going through. Oh my god. It’sContinue reading “The Last 10k”

5 Reasons why Pregnancy may make you a Better Athlete

1. Lean muscle mass. This would happen pretty naturally for anyone carrying an extra 25-40 pounds everywhere they went for months. Everything you do is harder. Then baby comes and rapid total weight loss happens before the corresponding muscle loss. Voila… super human strength. 2. Deprived muscles. I hate it when people say being pregnantContinue reading “5 Reasons why Pregnancy may make you a Better Athlete”