WTM 2019

I’m personally super excited for this as it’s something I’ve been dreaming of since I started doing this crazy thing we call WTM back in 2014.

I LOVE the mudder community – and it’s so much of what drew and kept me in the sport. But since I live in a zone with limited mudders that are all kinda spread out, I wanted an online training group to keep me inspired to train hard every day.

This is definitely the most comprehensive program I have ever created. But being race ready for an adventure like WTM is so much more than just pull-ups and time on your feet.

It’s going to be a great 10 weeks (hopefully life changing) – I’m hoping to have you onboard!

The program will run from September 1st until WTM 2019. It’s meant to be a finishing block of training so hopefully you’ve already been putting in some miles this year. I’ll be providing some workout options based on your goals… 25 miles? 50 miles or Dirty Brown Bib? 75 miles? 
You’ll daily training emails with:
– Run, strength and obstacle training
– Super simple mobility plan
– Run form clinic
– Daily nutrition, racing and recovery tips
Along with access to a private FB group to motivate and inspire.
You don’t need to be signed up for WTM to be a part of the group or anything but that’s definitely what we’re training for here 🙂

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