The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint

Who knew that packing for one weekend could be so involved? Three events, two kiddos, one kid’s race and a special Hurricane Heat pack list will certainly do that. The Hurricane Heat For those of you who don’t know, the addition of the Hurricane Heat started in 2011 when Hurricane Irene threatened the cancellation ofContinue reading “The Red Deer Hurricane Heat, Super and Sprint”

Toronto Spartan Sprint and Super

   After a sleepless red eye and several attempts at nighttime sleeping with a baby who is cutting molars (and who is not very good at sleeping in the best of occasions)… we knew this weekend was going to be one of those “pull-up-your-boots” and STFU kinda scenarios. The Toronto Spartan courses are on aContinue reading “Toronto Spartan Sprint and Super”

The Montreal Super – Montreal is super!

My experience this past weekend reminds me of a Brazilian proverb… “If we dream alone, it’s only a dream. If we dream together, it’s the beginning of reality.” Even the owners of the bed and breakfast felt like long time family. Our already late flight was delayed a couple hours in Toronto. We ended upContinue reading “The Montreal Super – Montreal is super!”