Sun Peaks UltraBeast 2015

   Nothing like being on the tail end of a flu and the starting line of an UltraBeast.  With the Spartan World Championship coming up in Tahoe next weekend and after having taken a few sick days with zero training, I thought getting back to normal with a long run in the mountains would doContinue reading “Sun Peaks UltraBeast 2015”

The Ottawa Super and UltraBeast

   I was really hoping to get a double win this weekend in Ottawa: the Super and the UltraBeast.  The Super started out up the side of the mountain on single track. Jostling for position was tricky and it ended up being a nice warm up. The obstacles and course were awesome with some funContinue reading “The Ottawa Super and UltraBeast”

First at the first Canadian UltraBeast

Well friends, I made it to the top of the world… twice. For those of you who don’t know, Spartan Race Canada hosted it’s first ultramarathon distance obstacle course race in Sun Peaks this past weekend. The UltraBeast is two laps of the regular Beast course. After being up all night with a sick babyContinue reading “First at the first Canadian UltraBeast”

How to Carb Load for a Tough Mudder, Beast or UltraBeast

Lots of people come into the obstacle course racing world through other avenues, outside of distance running. As such, this whole “carb loading” and “tapering” business is new to them – and they often skip it altogether. But… after putting in all that training for small gains every day, why not take advantage of theseContinue reading “How to Carb Load for a Tough Mudder, Beast or UltraBeast”