My C-Section recovery, week 3

Week 3 and I’m feeling better and better. It’s hard to believe I was an absolute train wreck only a few weeks ago! Day 1: I don’t manage to get out until the end of the day so when my husband gets home I have him watch the girls while I do a quick pre-dinnerContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 3”

C-Section recovery week one

It’s funny‚Ķ I can’t believe that I had a c-section before, let alone a baby. It feels like I somehow forgot everything despite it only being a 3 year gap between the last time that I experienced both. I wanted to share my experience in recovering this week for all those mamas who are goingContinue reading “C-Section recovery week one”

My C-Section Birth

Today was definitely full of learning. The birth of my first daughter was a failed attempt at natural birth due to a fused pelvis post-fracture. I could feel exactly what was happening in the c-section although it didn’t hurt. This freaked me out more than a little going into c-section number 2. There’s a blessingContinue reading “My C-Section Birth”