Warrior Dash World Championship

Not my best race… but far from the worst. It was very much a runners course and I began to realize the caliber of runners that showed up long before the gun went off while they were warming up. After watching a bunch of sleek muscular girls sprinting back and forth between zero-gravity, zero-bounce drillsContinue reading “Warrior Dash World Championship”

How to carry a sandbag

You might think this post is akin to a “Learn to Walk” program. As in: obvious. Step 1: Pick it up Step 2: Carry it As those of us who raced in the 2014 Vermont Spartan World Championship Beast realized, there’s a little more to it. If you are in the OCR community, you probablyContinue reading “How to carry a sandbag”

Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?

Years ago runners were considered masocistic lunatics who put themselves through senseless torture for reasons the mainstream simply could not understand. Sound familiar? I think obstacle course racing now occupies that realm… ad well, let’s just call it misunderstood. In the 70s, all runners were hardcore. They ran through otherwise quiet, normal neighbourhoods in very shortContinue reading “Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?”