My C-Section recovery, week 6… last post!

I just passed the six-week mark and I had my postpartum OB-GYN visit – so this will officially be my last blog of this series. So, thankfully none of my organs fell out. That would have been a very failed experiment. Getting back into activity soon after my c-section definitely worked in my case –Continue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 6… last post!”

My C-Section recovery, week 5

Day 1: Went to my first session of Parkour today. Wow, it’s much harder than I thought it would be. Or, perhaps more to the point, I am more of a sissy in real life than I am in my head. One of my first exercises was to leap across a wide gap and grabContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 5”

My C-Section recovery week 4

Day 1: Day off. Just cleaned house and laid low. Day 2: I ran stairs over my husband’s lunch. Although it wasn’t much of a run nearing the top. Interested to see how I fare in the upcoming stair climb race since these HURT. But I got 100 flights in over his lunch break despiteContinue reading “My C-Section recovery week 4”

My C-Section recovery, week 3

Week 3 and I’m feeling better and better. It’s hard to believe I was an absolute train wreck only a few weeks ago! Day 1: I don’t manage to get out until the end of the day so when my husband gets home I have him watch the girls while I do a quick pre-dinnerContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 3”

My C-Section recovery, week 2

Research shows that almost six times the women get post partum depression following a c-section over a vaginal or forceps birth. One theory is that the hormones responsible for preventing post partum depression are suppressed in the surgical process. To me, it seems crazy to think that someone who comes out with a healthy babyContinue reading “My C-Section recovery, week 2”

C-Section recovery week one

It’s funny… I can’t believe that I had a c-section before, let alone a baby. It feels like I somehow forgot everything despite it only being a 3 year gap between the last time that I experienced both. I wanted to share my experience in recovering this week for all those mamas who are goingContinue reading “C-Section recovery week one”