BattleFrog New England

    It’s been a while since I’ve been afraid to not finish a race. But when you’re racing as an elite at BattleFrog, it’s entirely plausible. And it’s kind of exciting. At the start, they give you an elite band, which is taken away should you fail to complete any obstacle. And the obstaclesContinue reading “BattleFrog New England”

Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?

Years ago runners were considered masocistic lunatics who put themselves through senseless torture for reasons the mainstream simply could not understand. Sound familiar? I think obstacle course racing now occupies that realm… ad well, let’s just call it misunderstood. In the 70s, all runners were hardcore. They ran through otherwise quiet, normal neighbourhoods in very shortContinue reading “Is OCR what Marathon running was in the good old days?”