Race Day Advice for your First Spartan

So it’s your first Spartan Race and you’re not sure what to expect? Read on for two top ten lists that will help you get to the start line easy. Pack a Bag A well packed bag is worth it’s weight when you’re dealing with the elements. Here’s a few of the items that haveContinue reading “Race Day Advice for your First Spartan”

Help! How do I Fuel and Hydrate my Workouts?

You may have noticed that you probably need something a little more than just a swig of water to make it through the longer workouts. Although there is no real hard and fast rules about fuelling and hydration, there are some good general rules of thumb I’ll share with you here. If the workout lasts less than 60 minutes,Continue reading “Help! How do I Fuel and Hydrate my Workouts?”