Online Run Form Clinic


During this month long run form clinic – contact me to find out when the next one runs – I am hoping that I can radically change the way you run.

In my 20 years coaching running, I have amassed a ton of tips and tricks to help people run better. Small changes in form and new visualizations can literally change a runners speed, efficiency and enjoyment in a matter of weeks.

We all spend time learning to lift better, become more proficient at obstacles, even mobilize our bodies better. But what about running?

Most of us stop running in childhood and spend the majority of our lives walking. When we return to running later in life, we typically end up walking with a little more oomph.

This is not how our bodies were designed to run.

Maybe we read somewhere that we should land on our toes… so now we’re prancing along until our shins and/or calves blow up. Or we decide it’s all too much and resign to just plod along, never really connecting to the pure joy that running effectively can produce.

It’s not a wonder that by far and away the most popular section of my live OCR/C (Obstacle Course Race Coach) course is the run technique section. The only kicker is that there is far too much information to soak up in one day.

Enter the online course.

With this delivery, I can give you drills and visualizations that you can work on in your runs… that synch with your run program. You can also post videos in the private Facebook group, where we can analyze and correct technique. It’s amazing what you can learn not only from your own form, but having a good look at what others are doing and how it’s working for them. We have now helped hundreds of runner find their most efficient stride and welcome people to take the course again and again for free. 

Cost is $69 USD.

Contact me at coachallitai at for more info or to sign up for the next course. 

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