Race Results

Obstacle Races

Winner, Spartan Canada Point Series, 2015

Winner, Sun Peaks UltraBeast, 2015

Winner, Ottawa UltraBeast, 2015

Winner, Ottawa Super, 2015

Winner, Red Deer Sprint, 2015

Winner, Red Deer Super, 2015

Winner, Toronto Sprint, 2015

Winner, Toronto Super, 2015

Winner, Vancouver Sprint, 2015

Second, Montreal Sprint (x2), 2015

Second, Montana Beast, 2015

Third, Toronto Sprint, 2015

Second, World’s Toughest Mudder, 2014

Winner, Sun Peaks UltraBeast, 2014

Winner, Spartan Sprint Edmonton, 2014

Third, Warrior Dash Washington, 2014

Winner, Spartan Sprint North Vancouver, 2013

Winner, Squamish Super Spartan, 2012


Road Races

1:25:13, First Half Marathon, 2015

Third Place Age Group, Canadian Death Race Solo, 2005

Winner, Athletics Alberta Timex Series, 2004



Second Place Age Group, Ironman Canada, 2006

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