Woman 2 Warrior

The subject line in my email box read, “Oh my gosh, look how much fun we had.”

And attached was this video: 

The line pretty much summed up the Woman 2 Warrior for me and the other two ladies in our little team.
The first, a runner and tennis player, is far more accustomed to pounding asphalt than scaling walls. The second has been training for obstacles, and is one of those super capable athletic types. I rounded the team off as the OCR veteran: although I warned them they might need to carry me to the finish at some point.

I had literally finished running a marathon in Langley and hustled hard to get there less than ten minutes before the gun went off.

And they did indeed carry me through… but thankfully for them, strictly metaphorically speaking.

The flat but well treed course was punctuated with various obstacles.

There were a few water obstacles including a crawl (on super soft tarps – which I could get used to), a cold water submersion, and of course, the slip and slide in the video above.

They had several sets of wall vaults to slanted walls. All within the grasp of a beginner. 

There were even some more intermediate obstacles out there: a traverse wall with blocks, valleys where you had to cat traverse and switch to another leaning wall on the opposite side, a super long balance beam lined with tires, an A-frame cargo net and a couple plank ladders. 

The monkey bars were the fat tube type… but spaced close enough that they stayed inline with the style of event being achievable.

One of the coolest parts was finishing on the track in the Swanguard Statium. And when we got there… hearing our team mate, who had just finished her first OCR swoon:

I feel like a new woman.

No… you feel like a warrior.


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Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

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