BYO Gym on Vacation

Christmas this year was spent in a small resort on a Philippine island with extended my family.

When I called beforehand they informed me that they had a short running track (500m) but no gym.
So I packed my own.

Here’s what I came up with…

I brought an empty sandbag, a TRX and a skip rope.

I figured that every resort has at least one tree and a whole pile of sand. And my “mobile gym” took up only a small corner of my suitcase.

Turns out the resort neglected to mention their onsite obstacle course… yes, really. So it turned out to be an awesome training ground for the week.

I usually rely a lot on body weight exercise, running and using towels as gliders when I travel. I’ve also tried to cram a door frame pull-up bar into my suitcase… and then ended up using a collection of doors, stair cases and playgrounds.

And I always have a variety of mobility tools like a baseball ball, travel sized roller and bouncy ball in my carry on. On this occasion, security confiscated by baseball stating it was a “blunt force object.” Evidentially they have not seen me throw a baseball. I’d be lucky to hit someone hard enough for them to notice. My husband though made it on the plane with two lacrosse balls in a sock. Seriously.

I’m curious as to what fitness equipment people would pack on their three item list? Leave yours in the comments below.

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Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

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