The Dirty Duo 50k

Sometimes the going just ain’t easy. 

And you know for certain it’s going to be one of those, “dig deep just to keep moving” kinda days when you’re checking your GPS one kilometer in.

But these are great days to have. You don’t build resilience on the days you glide along effortlessly. You build it by gritting out the miles and learning to hang on even when you want to let go. Especially when you want to let go.

By kilometer 24 I thought about bailing at a single loop. I had amassed some pretty great excuses in the last 23 km. 

Another 25km seemed daunting. Undoable. 

But another step was possible. And another ten after that.

And so it continued.

The second grind up Old Buck was tough. On the first round, Sammy was coming down whooping and high fiving every runner on the path. 

Transitioning from power hiking to running and back was natural. But my legs and spirit were tired on that next go. 

The steep and rocky decent back down Neds was also proportionally more difficult on round two.

My mind kept wandering to the next episode of my newest television obsession. I kept having to remind myself that I’d probably be eating through a straw while I watched it if I didn’t hold it together.

Popcorn is not easy to eat through a straw. And I really like popcorn.

Wake up gosh darn you. Focus.

My body finally started to chug into motion about 5 hours in. The last few kilometers were breezy and a good reminder about why I love running.

Hey this is running business is fun.

I just wish we could snap our fingers and find our groove. Or maybe I don’t. 

If the going was always easy, I’d never feel the joy of making it out the other side a stronger person.

Today I felt that joy.

Published by Yo Mama So Fit

Coach, obstacle athlete, runner and mother to Amelita and Seren.

4 thoughts on “The Dirty Duo 50k

  1. That’s so true. The days here things are easy don’t teach you anything (except maybe in reminding you of why you love what you’re doing). To test yourself, though, it has to be hard and uncomfortable. Otherwise you know you’re not pushing as hard as you could.

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