Working breasts prohibited

Working breasts prohibited

I am by no means a breast feeding activist – but I do breast feed my baby and leave my house. As such, that unfortunately makes me a bit of an activist.

So naturally when I read the Huffington Post article on the mother who was originally refused breast feeding her infant on a long flight with no cover, I was in disbelief. Click the link through the photo above to read the article.

What would you rather have on your flight, a hungry baby fighting with a hot cover or a happy baby suckling quietly away? I know when I get onto a plane, the first thing I do is latch my baby on and leave them there for the duration of the flight. Often people in adjacent seats didn’t even know that I had a baby in my lap. Of course, there’s a small chance that someone saw a little boob. Small price to pay for some inflight tranquility for everyone.

I like to think I live in a place where I wouldn’t have to think to ask, forget be rejected.

Ironically the only time anyone said anything was in Las Vegas – where a lady asked me if I’d be more comfortable in the broom closet. Ummm, no. Not so much.

I have two absolute favourite moments when I know things are changing. One is when children come up and investigate. The other, when men who you’d think would be uncomfortable with the whole breast feeding thing come up and chat with me, rubbing the babies head and just being normal. I’m sure either instance would make some women uncomfortable. But for me, it’s just people acting normal – a baby eating. And it’s progress.

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