My C-Section recovery, week 6… last post!

My C-Section Recovery, Week 6… last Post!

I just passed the six-week mark and I had my postpartum OB-GYN visit – so this will officially be my last blog of this series.

So, thankfully none of my organs fell out. That would have been a very failed experiment.

Getting back into activity soon after my c-section definitely worked in my case – but of course, each case is different. I was really careful to back up when I felt any weirdness or pulling, regardless of what I was doing.

The best news this week: I finally made it across the monkey bars again – which felt impossible last week. It’s nice to see that things are still moving forward even if at times they feel as if they’re not.

Day 1 – Had a much easier time at parkour today. Still avoiding the planks but feeling pretty much healed. I feel like my upper body strength and agility has come back a bit. A bit. Still a long uphill climb ahead but I’m a few yards up.
Day 2 – Did 12 x 100m on the track tonight pushing a double stroller. Ama loved the speed and I loved working a bit on my form and stride length (as much as possible pushing a small SUV).
Day 3 – Short walk today with my folks – and my daily chin-up and push-up routine of course.
Day 4 – St Patty’s 5k in 21:32. It was a bit hilly but since my parents were here to watch the kids, I got to run without the stroller. It felt so good (and so very not good) getting out there to push again. I certainly have a long way to go before I break 20 again… but at least all that stands in my way is a lot of hard miles.
Day 5 – Stair Climb for Clean Air today: a 48 flight race up the Sheraton Wall Centre. I did 6:21 last year but added a full minute to my time this year. Thankfully, it was still good enough for the win. I learned that my legs are much weaker by about floor 10… I had to haul myself up the next 38 flights using my arms and my heart. Still, I am nearly 20lbs heavier than last year – I would be curious to see how I would have managed with a backpack that heavy last year.
Day 6 – Did my bootcamp with the group today save for the sit-ups. It’ll be a while before those feel normal I think.
Day 7 – Ran with my run group and did a few steady miles with the fast pack. My calves need a little love… having thrown them into the fire, they sure are stinging. Finding time for stretching and myofascial release has not been easy – but tonight is a good reminder that it’s critical to staying sound.

And that’s it… not that six-weeks is some magical barrier of recovery – but at least I’m hitting the ground running… thanks to a forward thinking OB-GYN and a fairly active pregnancy.

Movement is Medicine.

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