My C-Section recovery, week 5

My C-Section Recovery, Week 5

Day 1: Went to my first session of Parkour today. Wow, it’s much harder than I thought it would be. Or, perhaps more to the point, I am more of a sissy in real life than I am in my head. One of my first exercises was to leap across a wide gap and grab onto the top of a wall – the floor being a substantial distance away. All I could think was about the potential ways it might really hurt. I can’t imagine getting from where I am today to where the advanced class is… but I figure signing up for six months ought to help. It scares me in a good way so I figure it’s worth doing.
Day 2: Arms day. Got to get these things working.
Day 3: Trail run day! It was gorgeous out and the mother-in-law had the kids so I popped into the car and headed across the bridge to the North Shore. I had forgotten how much fun it was to bomb down the trail. I turned around just as my back muscles started going into spasms and thankfully, they were debilitating at first but went away quick. Too much hunching and an old back injury is a bad combination.
Day 4: The babies first month celebration was tonight, which meant long hours in the kitchen. Just before the guests arrived though I managed to sneak off for a quick park workout on the monkey bars and some hill sprints in the rain. I took a soggy downhill too fast and ended up sliding down a muddy hill into a chain-link fence on a busy road. Several cars pulled over. I was fine outside of some yucky pants and a wedgie. My run went great… unfortunately the upper body not so much. I sure have lost a great deal of strength and agility – I could hardly hang on to the money bars. I committed to putting it all into my daily chin up and push up routine.
Day 5: Ran a 10k race today pushing both girls in a double stroller. Would have done the 5k but there was a bit of off-roading and I’m only comfortable on smooth paved path with Seren at this point. I started off near the back and was really encouraged by all the people I passed. All but a few of the men even were super supportive. I ended up finishing in just under 48 minutes… which was below my B goal of sub 50. My first goal of course, was to just get back out there and have fun working hard again. And I was happy to feel strong after yesterday’s painful realization that my upper body has gone to pot. Oh and remembered that 10k is actually pretty far.
Day 6: Took the day pretty easy and went down to the beach with the girls and dog. Probably got in a good 5k walking, some meandering with my three-year-old and some carrying both girls at a good clip (better get home in time for nap!) so I figure it balances out.
Day 7: Ran to toddler Parkour gym time with the girls but the gym was closed so we hopped a train to do some errands at the mall and then ran home from there.

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