C-Section recovery week one

C-Section Recovery Week One

It’s funny… I can’t believe that I had a c-section before, let alone a baby. It feels like I somehow forgot everything despite it only being a 3 year gap between the last time that I experienced both.

I wanted to share my experience in recovering this week for all those mamas who are going in for a planned caesarian and want to know what it was like for me.

One caveat: my OB-GYN gave me advice I have never heard before: do whatever the heck you want. Lift anything regardless of how heavy, vacuum, go running, and climb stairs as soon as you get home. He assured me that I could not bear the pain involved in ripping the stitches and that I would stop long before anything happened. He basically warned against me going home and sitting on my duff for six weeks, which to that point is the only advice I heard.

I guess the instance of “wound dishescence” is fairly uncommon and only occurs in like 0.37% of cases. It also seems to happen mostly from infection and the body needing to release fluid back out of the opening. In fact, some of the major factors include obesity and diabetes.

I can also see how I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain of tearing them. Even as an pain loving endurance athlete, the pain is unembraceable and I back off immediately.

Any who… I appreciate the advice every time I sneeze and the panic sets in that I have just launched my organs through a baby-sized hole in my stomach. Although if I do blow my stitches, I am sure I have some, “I told you so”s coming my way.

Here’s how my week went:

Day 1: Can’t even move my toes. Have a catheter and IV in. The biggest change was being able to wiggle my feet by night time.

Day 2: They remove the catheter, IV and let me have a shower and walk around my room. I feel terrible. Maybe my entire body being frozen wasn’t such a bad thing. I’m not sleeping at night but I don’t care, this baby’s so cute I could stay up forever.

Day 3: They release me back into the world. This is maybe the worst day pain wise as I have went from an epidural and morphine to advil and tylenol and I’m moving lots more. I worry I might never recover. I am glad that my boobs aren’t engorged this time around. That pain stuck in my soul.

Day 4: My boobs are so engorged. So engorged that the baby can no longer eat. I long like I never have before for small saggy boobs. They must have grown the gamut of cup sizes overnight. I can’t believe I ever found pregnancy uncomfortable. I lift various things the nurses told me not to: like the baby in the car seat, some suitcases up a flight of stairs, etc. I feel fine but I do lift with my back. I hope to goodness no one ever sees my lifting form right now. But at least I don’t feel like I’m using my abs at all.

Day 5: Why won’t the baby just sleep? In trying to get ready, I run up and down the stairs numerous times and it feels just fine. I feel a bit silly for setting everything up on our main level so I wouldn’t have to climb the stairs to get anything. Except everything I know want but forget when I am upstairs.

Day 6: Family outing to IKEA. I push the cart and carry my newborn. I lift my toddler once. That feels gross so I don’t pick her up again. I finish the breakfast I could hardly finish last week when I was pregnant and want more. So much for the vision of a pregnant woman bringing a buffet to it’s knees. Breast feeding, however, makes me insatiably hungry! I also lift a box of books to organize and decide it’s too much to carry back. I make my husband move it.

Day 7: My husband takes my daughter to school and I watch Dexter while the baby sleeps. Hey, she’s tired from waking me up all night and Dexter’s insanity soothes me at the moment. It’s also my first day off meds and I feel pretty OK. I do feel like I should get out for some walks starting tomorrow. But it is nice to have a lazy day with a snuggly baby.

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