Moving on… AKA inspiring the enemy

Moving on... AKA Inspiring the Enemy

I left for my first overnight trip without Ama. It was hard. I missed her. I missed John.

To make matters worse, it was to go to a Judicial Dispute Resolution for my accident in 2006. That’s stressful. The whole situation is stressful. And our offers were miles away.

Thankfully we came to a resolution fairly swiftly. I’ve come to realize that however inhumane the system seems, there are people behind that system. Sure they have different motivations… but they’re people with motivations.

The JDR oscillated between talking about how screwed I am, both now and especially, years from now… and talking about how awesome I am. What a weird fight to be in – and so often as a bystander.

So much of law is based on historical evidence. Historically though, people don’t “mitigate” their damages. They sit on their butts, get fat, get even more broken and give up. No one was arguing about my mitigation. But it complicates things a touch to say the least… when you are the most mitigatedest.

After the Mexican-market-style-bargaining-standoff, we agreed, shook hands and were fast friends.

Gloves off.

The lawyer and the adjuster told me that they were following my progress and that I was a constant inspiration to them and others in the firm who’s job it was to spy on me. He’d been waiting this whole time to thank me.

Wow. People. Really. Nice. People.

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