Everyone needs to put the environment in the forefront.

Everyone needs to put the environment in the forefront.

Again… another petition on my Facebook feed. It’s a worthy cause. Obviously worthy, like putting a stop to factory farming or saving the ocean. Not any sort of two-sides-to-the-coin business. Everyone with a conscious agrees. No one would vote for dumping oil tankers in the sea or chaining pigs to the floor so they can’t move.

I feel bad skipping over it but I also feel overwhelmed and annoyed by its very presence there.

Shouldn’t it be somebodies job to make reasonable decisions like this on our behalf and go about mobilizing people to make our world a better place?

Oh wait. It is.

Yesterday the Liberals won a majority in BC. I have nothing against the Liberals… outside of Christy Clarke being pretty clearly anti-environment. Which I am against (although again this seems like a pretty rational dislike?).

I wonder how anyone could be anti-environment.

Seriously, don’t you think it’s about time we do something about this insanely huge problem loaning over our heads? You know, the end of days?

The restaurant is on fire and we are here disputing how much the staff should be paid and rearranging furniture.

As a parent, this really concerns me. The one thing I really want for my child is a future. Any kind of future. A future of any kind. And for that to happen, we need to make some big changes now.

Forget the pipeline. Forget it. Even if it wasn’t environmentally disastrous, we need to put all of our resources into fixing what we broke.

The entire planet.

Now we are here deciding whether we should rewire the gas lines in a burning kitchen. No. For peat’s sake, the answer is no. Ok, it might not make things that much worse, but probably better to grab a pot of water and get to work. I don’t care what political party you come from.

I guess I just feel that too much of these issues are pushed along through the grassroots. They go nowhere, but good, concerned people are pushing so hard because it’s their only recourse. I’d like to see the people who should and can actually do something take charge.

They’ve got to.

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